Each child at The Learning Centre is a “Focus Child”.
This means that your child is allocated their own teacher whose role it is to observe, engage and monitor their level of development, interests and skills.
From these observations, programs are designed to work with the individual.
Our programs promote active, hands-on learning as children become explorers, problem solvers, observers, and playful experimenters. This approach helps foster creativity, teamwork, problem solving strategies, reflection and self-confidence.
The materials used in our curriculum are changed weekly to maintain interest and diversity. We incorporate many themes into our learning to celebrate events, seasons and areas of special interest.

Our Classes


We are passionate about providing loving care for the infants and young toddlers. There are many routines, but few schedules. Each child’s needs are met as they are manifested. The environment is arranged to allow for individual growth and to encourage exploration. The classroom routine allows for busy, active times and calm, quieter moments. Each day “together time” is planned which most of the children eagerly anticipate.

The rest of the day children are choosing their activities in dramatic play, blocks, sensory experiences, books, and manipulatives. This room aims to help children develop their skills and to increase their independence. Weather permitting, the children have outdoor time each day, whether it be in the playground or in a special area on the covered veranda.



Our program is based on the interests, needs, and abilities of the preschool-age child. Each day is planned and balanced with respect to indoor and outdoor time; individual, small group and large group activities; and quiet and active play.

The classroom allows for exploration and discovery. The children generate ideas as to what is studied and explored within the classroom. Opportunities for creative expression in art, music, and dramatic play enhance the school program. Weather permitting, children have plenty of outside time each day. The preschool program preparing the children for kindergarten (“Big School”) provides the major goal of this class. All aspects of the day connect to provide a balance of quiet and busy activity, individual and group interactions.